Hey how is it going? My name is Björgvin Pétur and I come from some frozen island in the middle of nowhere.

Over the years I have managed to get my fingerprints around the globe. I studied graphical technoligy at the Reykjavík technical college and then moved to Denmark to study multimedia design. After that I moved to the land of oppurtunities, to be more precise in Los Angeles to study 3D animation and visual effects.

But now the seriousness has taken ower, I became a business man. Joke, but I started my own business among with great people. Its called //JÖKULÁ and I am the head of design and art direction there. "Go ahead and check it out"

While being a struggling students I have never kept my hands empty and I always working on something. When in Denmark I participated in a entrepreneural weekend held by GoBuddy. Me and my amazing team won the competition and had the most innovative idea. We kept on with our project and started an non-profit organization caller"Our Daily Heroes" and the offices are located in Kolding, Denmark. This is just a one things of many that I have done through out my carreer.

What I Do?

Like I said, I have gotten my hands on many things. I can do mostly everything that is consider digital graphics. Even though I tend to draw and sketch from time to time, even I sculpt things with clay.


I've been here and there in interviews and the media.