Our Daily Heroes

I am one of the starting founder of this non-profit organization. We started of by pitching the idea at a entrepreneural weekend in Kolding, hosted by GoBuddy and fortunatly we won the prize of having the most innovative idea

What is our goal? Who are we?

Daily Heroes is a non-profit organization, which has the mission to help people who have suffered because of the construction process of big events like the Football World Cup and the Olympics. We want to keep the passion and love that sport events get from fans, the never give up attitude and give it to the ones in need.

  • Date: 01 November 2014
  • Categories: Branding
  • Team: Andrei Carpen, Ovidiu Cochis, Gyula Vaida, Björgvin Pétur
  • URL: www.ourdailyheroes.com

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